Review a 15Five

Roger Austin
over 2 years agoAugust 15, 2018
Some quick feedback: unlike the other videos in this section, I think this one is far too rushed: it tries to cover too much in one go, and ends up causing some confusion (or at least it did for me!).  For example, "Wins and Challenges" is a new concept that I hadn't previously been aware of, but it was just thrown in here as a takeaway without clear explanation.
Priscilla Zorrilla
almost 2 years agoJuly 11, 2019
Roger, hey! Currently doing an audit of all our videos and came across your message. 

Your feedback is timely. I'm working on an overhaul of all our in-app educational videos. Your feedback has been absorbed and I thank you for taking the time to express it!
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