The ROI of Emotional Intelligence

Jasmin Pamukcu
6 months agoSeptember 10, 2020
So glad the recordings were available. I didn't choose this one when live and I'm so glad I had the chance to come back and watch it. Incredible presentation. Thank you so much and I'll be seeing you at the Biology of Belonging bootcamp!
Nicole M
6 months agoSeptember 14, 2020
So excited to hear from Rajkumari Neogy. Even her voice is recognizable. My introduction was a 15 Five event a couple of years ago. She spoke to inter-generational trauma and epigenetics before it was a thing. Fast forward to all starts to fit. Such a great talk. Incredible. Check Rajkumari out on YouTube.
6 months agoSeptember 14, 2020
This was a fantastic presentation. Very timely. Thank you so much for this!
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